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Being Poor Is A State Of Mind, It Has Nothing To Do With The Amount Of Money You Have. To Be Poor Is Simply To Say I Can't And Do Nothing. To Be Rich Is Simply To Say I Can And To Find A Way To Make It Happen! Money Is Only 10% of Peoples Problems. The Other 90% Is The Decision They Make. Write Down Goals With A Set Time Line To Prevent Procrastination Which Is The Robber Of Dreams. Write A Budget To Manage Money And Write A Schedule To Manage Time! You Can Only Lose If You Quit Or Do Nothing!

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Persistant Profiles Worldwide  Recession Proof Cash Ecosystem


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Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Aries, take a bow. You're the first sign of the zodiac so it shouldn't come as any surprise then that you’re a born leader. You shine brightly, taking the initiative in everything you do and people see that in you immediately. There are no half-measures with you. You have that same fearlessness and certainly aren't afraid to explore the unknown in life.

You’re lively, energetic and daring, and a fighter too. You crave adventure, and love to travel the world. You're a pioneer, and have the ability to lead. People admire your independence and freedom of expression in everything you do.

You could opt for work where you are your own boss, because you hate being told what to do. You know how to make your own decisions and create your own destiny. There might be plenty of stress in treading this path but at least it’s pressure on your own terms.

Achieving your goals is important to you. You know exactly what you want, and have no problem going after your goals. Your style is brisk, edgy and uncompromising. People who associate with you soon learn that they have to keep up — if they don’t, they'll soon fall by the wayside.

You have an instinctive understanding of what has to be done. There’s no procrastination in your manner- you hate laziness. You accept all experiences as a challenge, something to be jumped into with passion and excitement. It's all one big learning curve for an Aries.

You have ample confidence and self-assurance. These characteristics are at the heart of your nature and are among your greatest strengths. Just remember that sometimes this comes across as being overly assertive, perhaps even self-centered.

Your freedom-loving spirit means you like having space to get on with your work on your own terms. This can make it hard for you to be at your best in a team environment — some people misinterpret your energy and focus as insensitivity, even rudeness. You could try to make an effort, when you are working in a group, to let your co-workers see your unselfish and non-egotistical side.

You always prefer to get on with the job rather than to sitting around waiting for something to happen. This means that you are a little impatient with people who work at a slower pace. You can counteract this by remembering to relax and focus on some give and take — this will be an important challenge and life lesson for you.

You are impulsive yet will come up with all sorts of brilliant ideas. Occasionally however, you will occasionally get things wrong, too. Luckily, you aren’t afraid of making mistakes and learning your life lessons the hard way. (There’s Aries' fearlessness kicking in again!)

All these traits that reflect tons of energy, enthusiasm and confidence but you are also misunderstood by others. Some will say you are tactless and indifferent when they offer you advice. From your point of view, it’s a matter of remembering that not everyone is as quick-witted and capable as you; just be aware that you need to be gentle and patient when dealing with weakness or slowness in others.

It would be a good idea to pay more attention to detail, rather than just focusing on the big picture, which is what you instinctively do — this would help bring out your talents.

Try to accommodate the different types of people you have to deal with. If you can learn to balance your patience and sensitivity with your courage and determination, you will discover your life can be magically transformed and spiritualized.

In this life you are destined to take on a leadership position. Remember, that while you are tackling your responsibilities, you are also setting an example for others.

If you can tap into the gentler and cooler side of your character, it will temper your passion and energy superbly, and you will be much loved and looked up to by family, friends and work associates.

If you were born between 21 and 30 March, the planet Mars will be doubly strong for you. It rules your fortune and destiny. You can be very demanding, and not so good at tolerating opposition in any form — you will make those of different views from yours prove their case. You are the Ghengis Khan of the Aries clan.

This increased Martian energy gives you lots of oomph and physical stamina. You need to get involved with as much physical activity as possible to release your frustration.

If you were born between 31 March and 10 April, it makes you a proud and extremely loyal person. You also have traces of the other fire sign, Leo, in your make-up. You’re one of the brighter fireflies in the Aries camp and attract people very easily.
You also impose your will on others, almost magically, without their opposition. Your lesson in life is to learn how to use your powers responsibly.

Being born between 11 and 19 April means you are endowed with greater humanitarian characteristics, which means you have gentler and added charitable motivations behind your actions.

You run the risk of occasionally pushing yourself harder than your body and mind can handle. You mean well, but in the heat of the moment you say and do things you later regret. You’re a lucky person, though, because Jupiter’s beneficial rays promise protection. Many fascinating opportunities are destined to come your way.

March 21 - 30
If you’re an Aries born between the 21 and the 30 of March, Mars doubly rules and controls your destiny. You are full of fire and, on many occasions, brimstone. Power, vitality and high level of energy mark you out from others. You need to work out, get heavily involved with sports and other physical activities which will give you an adequate outlet. You are a great leader and often challenge the status quo because you believe that things can be done better than what they are. This can, however, put you at odds with others and make you a target for enemies. Although you are fearless, you may sometimes need to temper your opinions to fit in with the more conservative crowd.
March 31 - April 10
Being born between the 31 of March and the 10 of April makes you proud, loyal and sometimes inflexible in your opinions. You have a very strong idea about how life should be lived and you’re not prepared to make concessions to others. You are, however, very charming and love to stand out in the crowd. The way you dress, your appearance and your reputation are extremely important to you. You are also very competitive and this aspect of your nature can also, like the first group of Aries just mentioned, make you a target for those who become envious of your successful and unique life. You may need to employ a little humility to smooth out some of the more difficult relationships in your life.
April 11 - 20
If you were born between the 11 and the 20 of April means that you have a broad mind and a full and open heart. This gives you spiritual as well as material ambitions and you will look at life differently to most Aries, indeed most people generally. The thrill or travelling and the excitement of exploring the world and different cultures means that you’ll be plugged into news, current affairs and other topics that give you a deeper understanding of the world that you live in. Progress and expanding your mind, educating yourself and sharing noble ideas with others will make you happy and fulfilled. You certainly have something to teach others and this will be an important component of your destiny.

Aries – Pisces cusp 
The intensity, fire and drive of your typical Aries Sun sign is significantly softened by the Piscean influence.  This means that if you're born in the first week or so of Aries ie between the 21st and the 28th of March, you are called a cusp baby and will be influenced not only by Mars and Aries but also by Jupiter, Neptune and the sign that they rule, namely Pisces.
Although you still have the drive and determination of your Aries Sun sign, you're also influenced by compassionate and loving Pisces.  Your heart reaches out to others and you feel the suffering and pain of your fellow men.  You're able to empathise and are therefore a great listener when it comes to others wanting to share their problems with you.  You never turn others away and this is why you're a loved by all your friends and family.
There is a danger that you out too impulsive in giving your assistance to others and will often kick yourself when that advantage is taken too far.  You realize afterwards that you are an easy target and people do indeed take you for a ride.  This will of course make you very angry once you understand what a fool you have been.  Try to assess the character and motives of others more carefully before quickly giving over your time, money or your heart.
There may be a difficulty in choosing between your head and your heart at times.  Making decisions may not always be easy as you eventually get it that jumping the gun has caused you to make errors of judgment.  But although you need to hold back at times you do run the risk of becoming a procrastinator by swinging too far in the opposite direction. 
Try to balance your emotional and mental assessment problems, people and your life direction.  Eventually you'll find the perfect balance between head and heart.
An important life lesson for you will be to trust in the process of life and not get too caught up in the decision-making process itself.  Get your facts, get some feedback from those you trust even those who are perhaps professionals and then make a decision.  Once this is done however you must let go and let life determine the outcome.
Aries – Taurus cusp
The independent nature which is so predominantly a feature of your Aries character is heightened by being born at the tail end of your Sun sign.  The next sign of the Zodiac is Taurus and if you were born between the 13th and 20th of April you will exhibit many of the traits of the bull.
Dependable, sometimes a stubborn but always loving your combined Sun sign of Aries and Taurus makes you are very reliable character indeed.  You have a tenacity coupled with creative enterprise that can make you a very successful person not just in your professional endeavors but your personal affairs as well. You're always loyal to a tee and this you take from both Sun signs.
Taurus born individuals are very security conscious so you will always make an effort to ensure that your future financial circumstances are comfortable and will leave very little to chance.  Because you have such a high level of Aries energy your industriousness along with your tenacity and dependability make you an awesome force to be dealt with.
You will always have money and even if in the early stages of your life you are not super wealthy, you will slowly but surely grow and their stake which will hold you in good stead later in your life.
One life lesson that you must heed is that of flexibility.  You will run into many difficulties if you hold on to your position to strongly in the face of good advice.  You must learn when to let go, when change is necessary and most importantly when you are wrong.  By lending your ego get the better of you will suffer setbacks in your personal relationships.  Humility is one of the important keywords are those of you born in this Aries and Taurus cuspal time of the year.


Taurus (April 21 - May 21)

If you were to describe the typical Taurus temperament, you would probably use words such as "cautious", "practical" and "purposeful". One word you definitely wouldn’t use is "impulsive".
When you are making important decisions in life, decisions about things that are vital to your security and the welfare of those you love, you spend a long time on them. You want those decisions to be rock solid.

Once your mind is made up, you have amazing persistence and follow through, plus tons of energy — you rarely give up on a task once you have decided on it. And you’ll stick to your guns, even if you’re being provoked, tempted or ridiculed. This will be a blessing at some times and a curse at others.

Sometimes this ability to hang in there can turn into pride and obstinacy. At other times you refuse to accept another opinion or suggestion, even though the advice is reasonable and the person offering it has nothing but good intentions. What if the person is right?

Those who love you and offer you constructive criticism don’t mean to hurt you — they have your best interests at heart — and what they offer can be useful to you. Try to remember that.

If you look inside yourself, you’ll see that sometimes the reason you hold on to your position or opinion so fiercely is that you fear change. Because you take such pride in your ability to see things through to the end, people who try to meddle with what you have set out to do, or change the rules of the game, are likely to hear from you, loud and clear. You really, really want to finish what you start.

Also, people will not have much success if they try to push something onto you and leave you no room to control your destiny. Then the bull in you really starts to make itself heard and felt.

On the other side of the coin, you also like to take it easy. This goes back to liking to leave things as they are. You may need to keep an eye on this — complacency and apathy are down the end of that path.

Change is the only constant in life and you may need to remind yourself of this every now and then; trying to resist all change leads only to stress and dissatisfaction with your life and relationships.

You also have a great love affair with the finer things in life. If you could find a servant to help with all the boring jobs you hate, you could live the luxurious life you dream of!

You are a great mate. When you agree to help someone, you go to any lengths to keep your word. You’ll never let yourself or others down. You are extremely dependable.

You’re also exceptionally sensitive and very patient. You’re prepared to wait as long as it takes for the right moment to act and you seize the opportunity when it wanders anywhere near you. Patience is one of your greatest virtues and it usually pays off.

Having honorable intentions, plus your patience and perseverance, are what others see as your finest — and most recognizable — character traits.
Your one-track mind about doing a job right— either at work or at home — has a good and a bad side. It means you’re very focused on what you’re doing, which is good but it also means you drive people crazy by showing them the ‘correct way’ to do things. Your family may not appreciate lessons in how to clean and stack the dishes or drive the car!

Actually, simplicity is what appeals to you — you can’t stand pompousness and look-at-me behavior. You know that beauty is not about what you wear or what hairstyle you have.

You enjoy getting your hands dirty with gardening, practical hobbies and odd jobs around the home. Hard work does not scare you in the least.
Taurus is a touchy-feely sign, which means you rely on your feelings rather than your mind when you try to understand your experiences.

You trust your own intuition about others — and you are usually right. However, you have terrific reasoning skills as well, so don’t dismiss your sensible nature; balancing these two sides of yourself will increase your success in life.

If you are a Taurean born between 20 April and 29 April you are under the double influence of Venus. You are sensual, loving and destined to be lucky in love. Try to curb your appetite to have the biggest and best of everything however. Learning the art of contentment is one of your main life lessons.

Born between 30 April and 10 May? Well Taurus, I see you have a very active mind are sometimes overly critical of yourself and others. Rely on your intuitive feelings rather than analyzing every detail. This will bring you far more happiness in your life.

As a Taurean born between 11 May and 21 May you are prone to a more serious financial attitude in life. You like the idea of being practical and saving for a rainy day. That's fine but don't forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your financial sense is very strong and is one of your best assets.

April 21 - 29
Those of you born between the 21 and the 29 of April have the double Taurus/Venus energy. You are enamored by love and romance and will struggle to meet the right sort of person in your life. Once you do, you’ll be able to share the deepest parts of your personality and your emotions with them. Caring for the one you love is a high priority in your life.
April 30 - May 10
Those of you born between the 30 of April and the 10 of May have humorous, quick-witted and versatile Mercury also ruling your birth dates. This means you are a consummate communicator whose mind is constantly bubbling over with ideas. Far from your typical Taurean brothers and sisters who are a little slow off the mark, you are endowed with considerable speed and business acumen as well.
May 11 - 21
Being born between the 11 and the 21 of May makes you extremely interested in finance and it’s quite likely that you will amass a small fortune at some point in your life. You’re a practical individual who knows how to save your pennies for a rainy day. Your main objective in life is your personal security but you also care deeply for your family and loved ones and wish to take them under your wing.

Taurus - Aries cusp
You are fiercely independent having the additional character traits of the sign of Aries.  This sign is the one previous to yours and if you were born between the 21st till the 28th of April you will exhibit many of the traits of the Ram.
As well as having the fiery aspects of the Martian sign Aries, you are dependable, somewhat stubborn it always extremely reliable and also loyal.  You have an ability to express your creative desires with great energy and persuasion.  You have immense amounts of energy to achieve your objectives but no one should ever cross your path as you have a combative and explosive streak to your nature as well.
Aries born individuals are very outspoken so you will always speak your mind even if for others this is uncomfortable.  Because you have such a high level of Mars energy your drive and demands on others may be a little hard to cope with.
You will always have money and make a point to strive hard to achieve financial success and independence as well.  Even if in the early stages of your life you are not super wealthy, you will slowly but surely grow and their stake which will hold you in good stead later in your life.
Try to learn the art of flexibility and don't butt heads with others.  You may experience relationship problems if you are not more accommodating of the other person's opinion.  Developing the art of listening will be one of your main lessons in life.  Learning humility can be a key to achieving a greater level of harmony in your personal relationships-both social and marital.
Taurus - Gemini cusp
The tenacity and determination of your typical Taurus Sun sign is given an interesting intellectual twist by having Gemini as an influence on your personality.  This means that if you were born in the last week or so of Taurus that is between the 15th until the 22nd of May you will have a mixture of influences from your Sun sign of Taurus as well as Gemini.
The typical Venus influence of your Taurus Sun sign is quickened by the Mercurial and Gemini influence.  You have a curious nature and can use your imagination in a practical way.  Unlike the typical Gemini who has difficulty in stabilizing their thought you are much steadier and have greater command over your thinking processes is.  You will use these gifts to achieve success in life.
Although you still have the stability and tenacity of your Taurus Sun sign, you're also influenced by intellectual and curious Gemini.  Your communication will be interesting and compassionate at the same time.  You have many interesting things to teach others but have no time for impractical ideas that cannot enhance your life and provide the security you desire for your family and loved ones.
You're never in danger of being too impulsive or even outspoken as you have the ability to put yourself in another person's shoes and think about how they would react.  Although you are clever in your speech you measure your words and are able to make a great impression on others.  You give great advice and people come to you to receive assistance in working out their problems.  Your wealth of experience is being shared and helps the community and world at large.
You don't have difficulty in making a decision but you like to look at all the alternatives before moving forward.  Some people think you are indecisive but this is not the case.  You are careful to not only assess a good outcome but will see what the down side of situation is as well.  You cover all bases.
One area you need to be careful of is in holding too strongly to your opinions.  Even if you are right on some issues there may be times when it is better to eat a little humble pie and keep the peace.  This is an important life lesson and you must not get caught up in becoming an island unto yourself.  Give others the opportunity to express their opinions and try to see things from the other person's point of view.





Gemini (May 22 - June 21)

The third sector of the zodiac, Gemini is all about intelligence and communication. You're born under this sign and have a talent for and love of using your minds and expressing yourself fully.

As a Gemini, you are a bower bird, mentally, and take an interest in all sorts of different things. Anything that gets your mind ticking over will grab you. You constantly try to challenge your mental abilities and will make extra efforts to understand anything you put your mind to.

You can’t understand why other people don’t feel the same way. To you, this kind of stimulation is your life blood. Anyone who engages you in quick-witted and thoughtful banter will win your heart for sure.

Some great communicators are born under your sign — actresses Helen Hunt and Marilyn Monroe, for instance. Like them, you take interest in anything that requires a little brain power. Reading and ferreting out information on the Internet are a perfect way for you to unwind. Communication would have to be one of your favorite pastimes.

Taking up acting classes wouldn’t be a bad idea either, even if you don’t fancy yourself as an Emmy Award winner. Meeting new people and sharing your thoughts and feelings with them is enough of a blast for you.

Not all Geminis have brains on the brain, though. Anna Kournikova, the tennis superstar, proves that — she puts her focus into physical exercise. She is a superb tennis player which requires physical dexterity and mental agility as well.

Gemini is also on the top of the list of achievers in sport. But the sport you get into will be one that requires a strategic and intellectual approach. If it doesn’t, it won’t sustain your interest. Tennis, chess, golf and card games like bridge and canasta appeal to you.

If you could be accused of anything, it would be that you spread yourself too thinly, by being interested in too many things. To some people, you seem superficial and flighty. It’s the ‘rolling stone gathering no moss’ thing — doing a bit of this and a bit of that and not getting deeply into any one thing.

You see it differently, of course. To you life is a smorgasbord, and you’re going to taste everything. Trying just one main course, so to speak, isn’t your thing. Variety, diversity and experimentation are some of your key words. And you can always say, ‘At least I’ll never be boring!’

The fact that you take on so much also means you risk wearing yourself out and letting your vitality engine slow down. It is not easy for you to pace yourself, but if you can get your self-discipline working on this, you can achieve more than most. Make sure you have enough fuel in your gas tank to get you to where you want to go.

People always love your company — your adaptability makes you interesting. People are amazed at your versatility, at the way you manage to juggle so many different activities. Is there anything you don’t try your hand at? They wonder.

Learning will always be one of your passions — you don’t believe there’s ever a good time to limit someone’s desire to improve their mind.

You have a great love of the written as well as the spoken word, and will often put pen to paper — or hands to keyboard — to get your own thoughts down. Sometimes this is just so you can work out what you think about a particular issue or event. Lots of journalists, writers, and advisers are Geminis; their way with words is their best tool for making a lasting impression.

You also have a strong connection to travel and short journeys. You’ll often feel restless, and your itchy feet will set you wandering. These journeys may not be long, but there will be plenty of them — you’re always on the go. You are thirsty for new experiences, and even on short journeys or in transit, you’ll throw yourself into meeting new and unusual people.

You’re fascinated by psychology and the way human relationships work, so you will seek a life partner who is as into communication as you are. You will need this sort of person if you are to achieve emotional fulfillment.

You are the type of person friends and relatives turn to for advice on their love life. This has an upside for you too — it helps you understand what’s going on in your own life, romantically speaking.

Geminis seem to grow younger rather than older. Physically, you will maintain a youthful glow, and you will never lose your fun-loving liveliness. You’re really not into that 'growing old gracefully' thing.

Vitality and constant stimulation are what you are about. A peaceful old age is definitely not your cup of tea (even if you happen to be over 60).

May 22 - June 1
Being born between the 22 of May and the 1 of June makes you a Gemini with a cusp influence of the previous sign, Taurus. Although you’re primarily an intellectual type with intense Mercurial influences, Venus, the ruler of Taurus, also imprints upon you considerable sensuality, grace and charm. You not only love the written word, intellectual pursuits and other forms of communication, but may gravitate towards artistic, musical and creative pursuits to express your inner need for cultural perfection.
June 2 - June 12
If you’re a Gemini born between the 2 and the 12 of June, you also have a tendency to be sensual but have the influence of Libra as well which makes you at times indecisive about your life path. You need clarity in your choice of partners and must never impulsively rush into any sort of relationship.
June 13 - June 21
If you’re born between the 13 and the 21 of June, the influence of Aquarius and the unpredictable planet Uranus has a sway over your life and your temperament. You are spontaneous in many areas of your life and like to explore the unknown. Your life will swing from the positive to the negative so you must be prepared for some turbulent times in your life. At least you’ll never be bored with the challenges that are presented to you, and as you grow older and develop more wisdom, you’re likely to be regarded as someone with extraordinary knowledge and a capacity to help those around you. Your path is one of compassion and humanitarianism.  

Gemini- Taurus cusp
Gemini’s adaptability is nicely offset by the rock solid Taurus if you are born during the first week or so of Gemini (that is between the 22and 29May)
Your ruling planets of Mercury for Gemini and Venus for Taurus will have an impact on your character and personality.
Gemini has an insatiable curiosity, high energy levels and creativity but this is tempered somewhat by the security required by Taurus.  This enhances your imagination and gives you a drive to succeed that is not too thinly dissipated by your day-to-day activities. 
By being born under the combination of Gemini and Taurus your chances of succeeding on a material level are greater than if you are not a cusp baby. 
Being a cusp baby makes you a very sensitive and patient individual, and it doesn’t bother you greatly if success doesn’t immediately come to you.  You are patient and hard-working enough to wait for that achievement to come to fruition.
You have a great understanding and appreciation of what your endeavours can bring and whilst you aware of and often seize opportunities that come your way, you will only do this if the practical Taurean can see some value in them.
You are kind-hearted and don’t hesitate to hold out a helping hand to anyone who needs it.  You are gentle and have a practical approach to assisting others and with your kind words and direct way of dealing with things, you get right to the heart of the problem.
You have a great work ethic and carry out the most menial of tasks with the same care and precision you would adopt for anything else you do.  You are a perfectionist at heart, mainly due to the Taurean influence.  You are modest about your achievements but the world will be a better place if you can rise above your hesitancy and share your talents with others.
Gemini – Cancer cusp
Here we have the head and logic of Gemini and the heart and soul of Cancer.  This combination gives you a more emotional and sensitive side.  Your feelings are also stronger with the Cancer influence.
If you were born between the 14and 21of June, you will tend to display many of the traits of the crab, the sign of Cancer.
This combination of two signs may give you difficulty in choosing between “your head and your heart” as the saying goes.  As a Gemini you will naturally pride yourself on the fact that you can be rational about many of the decision you must make in your life.  But add the emotional Cancer into the mix and you have a different way of looking at things.
Cancer traits may show up in a more moody Gemini who is not as easily able to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.  This is especially so when it comes to matters of a romantic nature and may make your usual sharply focused decision-making a little cloudier.  This could be an irritation for you, but this is a by-product of being a cusp baby.
You have strong mental traits Gemini but sometimes, emotional issues will fog up your brain. Yoga or meditation where you can chill out, learn to regulate your breathing and let your mind and emotions settle will help immensely. This will also help to balance you out so that you are not swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to the other.
The important thing you need to learn Gemini is how to keep your brain and emotions on an even keel. Find hobbies that will stimulate your mind but ones that will enable you to be completely at ease and able to rest. 
With Cancer’s connection to the Moon, which tends to heighten your sensitivity, don’t get too upset when someone makes a thoughtless comment.  You generally don’t take kindly to criticism, even if it is constructive, and tend to see it rather as an attack on your nature or intention to do well by the world.
The emotional side of Cancer will give you an openness and warmth that other may want to take advantage of.  You are generally rather perceptive when it comes to choosing friends and your intuition is spot on and will rarely let you down.

Cancer (June 22 - July 23)

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is a water sign, which signifies your highly emotional nature. Being under the sway of the element of water also makes you highly caring, generous and intuitive. You are highly evolved, even spiritual — the water signs are karmically developed and refined in spirit.

Water is malleable and adaptable. You are very much like that. You adapt when you have to, but you much prefer to make changes on your own terms.
Like water, you are soothing and nourishing too. Life-supporting energies are at the heart of your character. You will act as a support for many people — in your own family and beyond.

Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates is a dedicated patron, funding a Beverly Hills hospital for women recovering from cancer. Guess what her star sign is? You got it — Cancer!

You are for the most part a person of feeling and sensation. Often you will ignore your own judgment and rationality, and someone’s else’s reasonable advice, in favor of how you feel. You don’t care if you’re wrong, either! If your intuition tells you to do something, like reaching out to give someone a helping hand, you’ll just do it.

Others turn to you when they need a shoulder to cry on — you’ll do well in any of the caring professions. This approach is highlighted by your key life phrase, ‘I nurture’. You find it difficult to turn away anyone in need. Anyone who knows you will agree that you are one of the best people to connect with if they need advice. Friends will turn to you if they are in trouble, knowing that your sensitive and compassionate touch will lighten their load.

You are extremely receptive to your environment and the people around you, and will often ‘pick up’ people’s energies, moods and thoughts. This ability serves you well; your intuition about people is quite often correct. Your knack of knowing people’s issues before they even open their mouths attracts them to you. The difficulty with this, though, is that you can tend to absorb their emotions — negative as well as positive.

You reflect the qualities of the changing Moon. This means that at times your emotions get the better of you, and you swing from high to low. Family and friends will be well aware of this, but they will not doubt your loyalty and support.

Another aspect of the Moon that sometimes doesn’t work well for you is its maternal nature. You sometimes veer too close to the mothering/smothering lane, which can put people off.

Back on the plus side, you love to mix with all sorts of people. Social activities are an essential ingredient in your development. You are a great success socially, because you can convey your wisdom to others so well — Cancerians have very expressive faces.

Creative enterprises are a great way to make the most of your moods and your imagination. Music and writing are perfect vehicles for you. You can express the inner part of your being as entertaining literary, art or music pieces.

Cooking is also a great outlet for you. Even if you cook as a hobby rather than as a job, you will find that it balances your state of mind over time.

Sometimes you can get locked into your own private lifestyle, and only come out at full Moon. Being a recluse is not for you, though — share your talents and love with the world. Some of this is down to your love of the night.

Because the Moon’s domain is the night, many Cancerians are night owls. From twilight on, your creativity starts to flow and you feel at home — you have a strong affinity with lunar energies. This is a good time to get into writing, meditating, or just walking in the moonlight. All these will energize you. You love the stillness and mystery of the night.

You are a consummate homemaker. Even men born under this sign express the ‘feminine’ aspect of their character in their love of the kitchen, and activities that make them feel secure in their domestic space.

You love to collect or keep mementos — such as scrapbooks and other bits and pieces — that bring back memories of good times and people you care about. You have a great memory, not just for facts, but also any good turn or kindness you’ve received.

You can always talk about any subject with anyone. That retentive memory is a help here, as is your impartial, even-handed approach to people generally. Dealing with people comes naturally to you: add this to your shrewdness and intuition, and you are likely to be a good businessperson. You can also use these skills in managing your day-to-day life.

If you are a Cancer born between 22nd June and 3rd July you are under the double influence of Moon. You are emotional, loving and destined in marriage and love life. However, try to curb your changeable emotions. Don't let sentimentality rule you.

Were you born between 4th and 13th July? Well, Cancer, I see you have a very deep and penetrating mind and can sometimes be overly intense in relationships. Your loyalty is unconditional and you make the staunchest of friends.

As a Cancer born between 14th and 22nd July you are prone to a dreamy and idealistic attitude in life. You like the idea of being compassionate and forgiving to everyone and serve the needs of friends and family well. That’s fine but don’t forget that you have needs as well.
June 22 - July 3
If you were born between the 22 of June and the 3 of July, the power of the Moon is exceedingly strong in your case. Your moods will shift very powerfully in keeping with the phases of the moon, and to understand yourself more adequately, why not keep a calendar of the lunar phases so you can be a step ahead of what’s happening. Your romance and love life perfectly reflects who you are, particularly because you are so capable of nurturing others.
July 4 - July 13
Being born between the 4 and the 13 of July means you’re an individual who has developed a high degree of concentration and are focused on achieving more than the average sort of life. There are times when you are possessive and domineering of your loved ones, but by the same token you’re exceedingly loyal and will sacrifice much for their happiness. Be careful to allow others independence and freedom, rather than trying to keep them under your thumb.
July 14 - July 22
If you are born between the 14 and the 22 of July, you have the influence of Pisces as well as Cancer, and this means that you’re able to love others unconditionally. Your selfless attitude endears others to you and you may be drawn to the helping or healing professions as a result. You may be compassionate but try to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground as well.
Cancer – Gemini cusp
If your birth falls between the 22 and 29 or 30 of June you will possess qualities and characteristics of both Gemini and Cancer.  Cancer, you are undoubtedly a feeling and emotional individual and added to this are the intellectual traits of Gemini which would tend to balance you out.
Gemini has a curiosity and mental agility that is hard to match but this can counteract some of the more emotional traits possessed by you Cancer.  This could mean your mind clashing with your heart as the Gemini influence rules your head and the softness of Cancer rules your heart.  It is quite likely that this will cause you to procrastinate in matters of the heart especially.
You are able to mediate for others as you have both the intellectual traits of Gemini as a communicator and the feelings and ability to understand others that can be attributed to Cancer. You are a loyal and loving friend and will always try to understand where the other person is coming from
The influence of Gemini could make you rather more excitable than you are comfortable with and perhaps unsettle you in some ways.  This will be evened out by the Moon’s influence and as the tides ebb and flow so will your moods.  Some people may find this hard to deal with, but it is just part of the nature of a cusp baby.
You will be the one who people contact when they are caught in a situation they cannot resolve and it will be your wisdom that you bring to the table. Added to this is your knowledge and warmth and these attributes will put you at the top of everyone’s list.  It may not necessarily be where you want to be given that you don’t like upsetting people, but your desire to help will override your hesitation.
Cancer you are able to take a balanced view and Gemini’s intelligence will certainly help you out here.  Having the head and the heart both working to capacity should be able to help anyone anywhere solve their problems and you will be much sought after for this talent. This trait may even open doors for you professionally later in life.
Cancer – Leo cusp
If you are born between the 16 or 17 to the 23 July makes you a Cancer – Leo cusp baby.  In your case the water sign of Cancer certainly does not put out the Leo fire but rather cools it just a little, and temper the exuberance of Leo.
Leo’s fire will heat up your nature considerably Cancer but you must be mindful of not letting this spill over into your emotional life.  You could become extremely demanding or even prone to dramatic outbursts, which are not usually your style, if you don’t get your own way.  This goes against the grain somewhat for you as you are at heart a mediator but this is what the fire of Leo can bring to your calm gentle world.
Cancer and Leo are both very loyal signs and you would certainly be a good friend to have.  You are extremely faithful with those you love and in relationships or friendships your nearest and dearest will get to see this endearing part of your personality.  They will actually get to peep inside the hard exterior that typifies the sign of Cancer and be privy to the wonderful soft interior that you possess.
With the influence of Leo your ideals are not always in keeping with the reality of your life.  You’ll always be surrounded by friends and family and seem to be constantly giving to others, but don’t forget to nurture yourself along the way as well.  This will keep you more in balance and take care of your compassionate nature.
Don’t let Leo’s influence burn you out as their enthusiasm can be at times overwhelming, when all you really want to do is crawl back into your shell and relax.  The influence of Leo can make you feel a bit insecure at times as you prefer to know where you’re going and when you’re likely to get there. 

Leo (July 24 - August 23)

The Sun is your ruling planet Leo. Of course the Sun is not really a planet; it is the center of our solar system. And, as above, so below! You shine as brightly as the Golden globe because you reflect the characteristics of the heavenly body that rules your star sign!

You too are a ball of dynamic energy. You are warm, bright and self-motivated, and you want to make an impression in everything you do — your work, your love life and your social life.

Because you are extremely generous, you expect others to be just as big-hearted. So when you see others holding back, you find it hard to not jump in and try to change that. You want to see everyone giving to the best of their ability. To other people, you can look like a bit of a tyrant, asking for more than they can give.

When you are feeling upbeat, you carry people away with your energy, and they love you for it. You love sharing your joys and successes with the people you love, and when you do, you are magnanimous — you never give a thought to getting anything in return. There are few star signs who really understand the nature of giving, but Leo seems to have perfected the art.

You also have a great sense of timing. When you offer a friendly word or gesture of encouragement, you pick the exact moment when it will have greatest impact. You always seem to be in the right place at the right time. You’re lucky this way.

Try to remember that your strong sense of self can be misinterpreted by others — understatement could sometimes be a more effective way for you to show your loyalty and express your generosity.
Some people think you are a show-off, but this too is a mistake. Your dramatic flair is part and parcel of your zest for life, your love of people and your optimism. For you, life is a stage on which you can perform and express your talents.

You may not be a performer on the entertainment stage, but Mick Jagger, a Leo, is, and he is a very good example of the strutting, egotistical nature of Leo. Mick exudes charisma, creativity and a personal style all his own. Not only that, but he has embedded his brand name as No. 1 in the rock industry, decade after decade. On the stage of life, you too will want to be No. 1, and to present yourself as someone special, with unique talents.

Loyalty is your trademark. People know you are a genuine friend who is always ready to lend a hand. Even if you can’t help someone with their specific problem, you still manage to send out a warm and reassuring vibration that makes them feel better.

On the other hand, you also have a need to ‘one-up’ others. A little more humility wouldn’t hurt. You will get plenty of praise and recognition for your energy and your self-motivation — you don’t need to big-note yourself. People will instantly recognize your abilities, and many will look up to you. Try not to let this go to your head; remind yourself occasionally to ‘get off your high horse’.

Leo’s totem is the lion, lord of the jungle — full of muscularity, grace and ferocity. This means that your physical appetites and general level of energy are extraordinarily high. You need to be physically mobile and fully engaged in meaningful work and social activities to feel good.

You are a born leader: people naturally gravitate to you, and look to you for guidance and security. This is especially true if you are born in the very first part of Leo - that is you're born between 24th July and 3rd August. At times you can seem a hard taskmaster, demanding excellence from them — this is just a reflection of your own actions, your own approach, but keep an eye out for it, and keep it under control.

For Leos born between the 4th and 14th of August, Jupiter and Sagittarius have a strong sway over your life. You are adventurous and love to travel, learn about new cultures and explores the world and people. Mostly easygoing you attract many friends and seem to be in the right place at the right time. You're one of the lucky Leos.

Are you a Leo born between the 15th and 23rd August? Then your fighting spirit is second to none! Nothing gets in the road of your ambitions so its quite clear that you will achieve what you set your heart upon. My only comment is that you should never tread on anyone's toes on the way up the ladder of success. You might just have to deal with them on the way down!

Generally you have a pioneering spirit; this is connected to your desire to be the best. So while you could be quite happy with a life where you follow other people’s rules and regulations, mostly you’ll much prefer to blaze your own trail.

This means you will carve out your own niche and make a name for yourself. You’ll shine in almost everything you do, and will without a doubt make your mark in the world — you can reach the top of the ladder, no matter what field you choose.

July 24 - August 5
Being born between the 24th of July on the 5th of August makes you Leo through and through.  Your charisma and power are undeniable and from early age you have had a strong sense of your personal destiny.  As a result don't be surprised to find yourself assuming positions of authority and power and life.  Some of you may even hold high office, become interested in politics or at this community work and will certainly become the best in your field.
August 6 - 14
As a Leo born between the 6th on the 14th of August you have an adventurous nature and like to explore the different avenues of life to make your life more exciting and interesting.  Culture, travel and higher studies are some of the different avenues which will draw you away from a conventional lifestyle to an independent type of life.  You have a great love of freedom and will never let anyone dictate the terms of your existence.
August 15 -23
Impatience and a hot-headed nature are some of the problems you face being born between the 15th and the 23rd of August.  Once you can bring these emotions under control you have a much better chance of not only being successful but finding happiness in your personal affairs as well.  Because of the strong influence of Mars and Aries on your birthday you have a strong ego and need to understand that others may just be right sometimes.  Notwithstanding these negative traits, you do have a very generous nature and are affectionate to the ones you care for.




Virgo (August 24 - September 23)

Virgo is earthy and represents the sixth sign of the zodiac. You belong to a group of people known for their perfectionism and highly analytical minds. There's a bit of a joke about how precise and demanding Virgos are but when you think about it, what's wrong with being tidy, organised and clean? In a way, you are misunderstood and your attention to detail, your desire for excellence and hygiene is not as bad as some might think.

You have a rather unusual preoccupation of being extremely fastidious and also critical of the world. Some of the people that know you feel as if your standards are way too high to live up to. If only they knew just how critical you are of yourself! You don’t really expect any more of others than you do of yourself. And after a time those that hang out or live with you start to learn some vital lessons about the true meaning of work and achievement. This due to your high standards.

When you do express your criticism of something it's more than likely because you’ve analysed and summed up a situation correctly before acting out your thoughts. While some people might find this an annoying habit, others will never hesitate to involve you in their work. These people recognize your natural talents and will invite you onto their social scene and involve you in their personal projects, as your expertise is highly valued.

You make a wonderful impression with your skilful insights and broad-based knowledge. Simply put, you are a most interesting person to be with. When others get to know you a little more, you can be a fascinating person with all sorts of useful tidbits of information.

On the most practical level you really like to do things properly, meticulously by working through the work or service you perform on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how small or large the task, you take pride in how well you do it. You investigate things before diving in. Once you have all the information required you complete your task to the best of your ability.

Others who aren't quite as precise in the way they carry out their own work find it hard dealing with you. In your own mind there’s no point in doing anything half-heartedly. You'd rather not do it at all. You are very clear on this.

Time is also important to you. So you like to make sure you use it well. It would be unusual to find a disorganized Virgo. Keeping a diary and making lists are a favorite pastime of yours. Of course having the right pen and paper to keep your lists is just as important so a favourite hangout for some Virgos is the local stationery supply store. It sounds a little weird sure, but you do need to have the right pen to write with!

You are cautious about all manner of things from how much the food bill costs to what type of person is just right for you in your social or romantic life. You have a hawk eye and can spot an error a mile away. If that food bill is out by 5 cents you'll pick it up.

Your Virgoan antenna is sharp as a tack and you'll pay special attention to the fine detail of any subject matter. You’re also very well read and interested in a variety of topics. You consider yourself an eternal student of sorts.

Some people think you’re shy and unassuming but this is only because you cautiously like to observe and analyse people and situations before jumping to conclusions. You do have a keen intelligence and a capacity for learning but prefer to make your decisions based on sound judgments. Practical facts are preferable to naive or airy fairy beliefs according to you.

If you're born between the 24th August and 3rd September you really don’t like to be the centre of attention. You become quite embarrassed if singled out in the crowd. You'd prefer to remain anonymous. You are the quiet achiever who likes to remain in the background concentrating on getting things done right without too much hullabaloo.

If you're born between the 4th and 14th of September you bring a clear and decisive viewpoint to any matter at hand. You're a quick thinker and although you are logical in the way you live your life, you do have moments of intuition that surprise even you! Don't become too serious though!

Allow yourself to express your youthful and innocent qualities if you are born between the 15th and23rd of September. Venus, your co-ruler adds sensuality to your character. You will always remain young and pleasure seeking. Growing old gracefully doesn’t appeal to you. Life is to be lived to the fullest.

August 24 - September 3
Those Virgos born between the 24th August and 3rd September don't really like to be the centre of attention and can become embarrassed if singled out from the crowd.  You are what can be termed the quiet achiever and prefer anonymity to being a show stopper. 
September 4 - 14
If you're born between the 4th and 14th of September you are a quick thinker, can reach a decisive viewpoint without too much trouble and at times you have moments of intuition that surprise you.  Watch that you don't become bogged down in a serious way.
September 15 - 23
Between the 15th and 23rd September you are the most sensual of the Virgos as Venus, your co-ruler, brings out this side of your nature.  Remaining young and pleasure seeking is far more appealing to you than growing old gracefully.  Life for you is to be lived to the fullest.

Virgo - Leo Cusp
If you happen to be born during the period of August 21 to the 28, you’re born on the borderline or cusp of the preceding sign of Leo, which is the 5 sign of the zodiac and your own, which is the 6 sign of the zodiac. As such, you are ruled by both the Sun and the planet Mercury. This makes you a person of sunny disposition with a strong intellectual leaning.
Being methodical, you’re inclined to be a hard worker but unlike the typical Virgo, you have no problem standing out in the limelight and being the centre of attention, taking full credit for anything and everything that you do.
With a mixture of Solar and Mercurial energies, you have a unique type of intuition which serves you well. You understand the people you come in touch with through amazing subtle intellectual flashes. You usually trust this.
Unfortunately, if you’re not recognised for what you do, unlike the typical Virgo of your birth sign, you may start to feel inwardly unfulfilled and frustrated. This will impact on your health adversely so you must find away to bring this part of your nature out into the open so that you don’t develop grudges and become a closed off person.
You have an unusual blend of extrovert and introvert qualities, which puts you in the perfect position of being able to associate with all sorts of people. There are times when others don’t understand you because you swing between these two extremes of your personality.
Virgo - Libra Cusp
If you were born between the 14 and the 21 of September, you fall in that area of the zodiac that is jointly governed by two star signs – Virgo and Libra. Your ruling sign is ruled by Mercury and Libra by Venus, which astrologically is an excellent combination, endowing you with both intellectual qualities as well as artistic and cultural interests.
You are an elegant Virgo, due to the influence of Libra, but also have a shrewd and analytical mind with great powers of perception and intuition. This combined influence endows you with considerable lack as you have the best of both worlds, namely the mental and emotional.
To explain a little about Libra is important here as it will endow you with many of the traits of that star sign. First and foremost, Libra needs to be seen to be beautiful and acceptable. Coupled with your predisposition to be highly self - critical, even over minor personality flaws within yourself, means that you could constantly struggle to be accepted by others, not because they don’t like you but because you have an erroneous conception about how they see you. Try to accept yourself for who you are and then others will naturally accept you as well.
You’re attracted to beautiful things and are quite likely a sensual and loving person. You have exotic tastes and love the best in furnishings and as far as personal grooming is concerned, you have a knack for looking really smart and elegant, but will never overdo it with gaudy looking attire.
You have a great imagination but have a tendency to stick to yourself. Some people might think that you’re elitist and are snubbing your nose up at them, and this is why you need to prove them wrong. You should show those aspects of your personality that are kind, caring and service orientated. Others will soon realise that their judgment of you is rather harsh.
You need to be surrounded by quiet and soothing things. You need people in your life who understand you, are peaceful by nature and can share some of the artistic and cultural interests that you do as well.
Being ruled by Venus makes you prone to overindulgence in pleasure, food and other activities in life. As Mercury is a sensitive planet you need to be on guard against overdoing things and regulating your life with discipline. 


Libra (September 23 - October 24)

You’re born under the sign of Libra, which represents the element of air, or the intellect. You’re most definitely a thinker — you like to use your mind to tackle problems. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, which refers to relationships of all sorts and your connection to the world around you.

People know you as someone who loves to socialize. Your outgoing nature and love of communicating brilliant ideas to people around you is one of your strengths. You’re rarely at a loss for words … even on your worst day you have the gift of the gab!

You not only have the ability to share your ideas in a very natural way; you also have charm in the way you convey your feelings. This is another of your very positive traits. Even people who don’t agree with what you have to say can’t resist you and will usually behave well around you — you’re simply a nice person.

Your love of communication makes you an excellent mediator and negotiator. Coupled with the fact that you’re always reasonable in the way you deal with people, this means your friends and co-workers can always depend on your having a balanced viewpoint, even in the fiercest of arguments.

In fact, if there’s a problem with you, it comes out of the fact that you’re so good at seeing all the sides of a problem and staying impartial. This makes it hard for you to commit to one side of an argument — you don’t want to be seen as biased, and you want everyone to like you!

What ends up happening is that the way you get everyone’s approval is by agreeing with everyone. This is not a good idea, because you’re agreeing to things for the wrong reasons: to keep everyone on side, rather than because you’re firmly committed to something. Try not to do this, because it can mess up your dealings with people. You don’t need to bend over so far just to be accepted.

Making decisions is an area in which you excel, but again, don’t jump to conclusions simply to please others. You have the ability to look at all sides of an issue, so use it. Sometimes you get stressed if you feel you’re being obstructed somehow. The answer is to get all the relevant facts; running off and asking others to support you will just confuse things.

And anyway, if you look inside yourself you’ll realize that you can rely on your own experiences. You don’t need to use others as a crutch for your decisions.

When you get to know people, you are perfectly comfortable sharing your feelings with them, and you’ll go to some trouble to make them feel at ease. You create harmony in your environment to match the harmony in your character.

This relates to the fact that your ruling planet is Venus. This is a soft and gracious planet, and feminine by nature. Your softer side is expressed in pretty much everything you do — the way you entertain guests, the type of home furnishings you like to buy, the clothes you wear and even your personal grooming.

All these things express the natural flair and grace which is part of that Venus temperament. There’s no way others won’t notice your style. People see you as elegant and tasteful — and that’s people who know you well as well as people who’ve just met you.

You often make a great first impression because you are such a good communicator and connect so easily with people; this makes you an ace networker. Some people believe you must have an ulterior motive because you are dealing with so many people at once, but it’s really just that you absolutely love socializing and partying. You are a real ‘people person’.

Because Venus is the planet of love, you seek love this in everything you do, and particularly in relationships. Finding your soulmate is a big dream, perhaps even your most significant life mission — you will go to great lengths to meet lots and lots of people. Who knows where you’ll find the right one? You have a lot to give to the person you feel is your perfect match.

Very few Librans find the peace and satisfaction they’re looking for until they’ve connected with that special person. Once this happens, they can really get into their work, family and other domestic affairs with energy.

There are three grades of Libra. Which of these do you fall under? You can figure it out by the date of your Libran birth.

If you're born between the 24th of September and the 3rd of October you are a true die hard Libran and have the qualities of Venus fully dominating your life. You are artistic, caring and full of love and social warmth. Venus provides you with loads of friends, perhaps too many at times.

Librans born between the 4th and 13th of October are a little wacky by nature but harmless. If that's you, life is a bundle of fun and you can expect the unexpected from time to time. You like the surprises that life throws at you.

The final portion of Libra occurs between the 14th and 23rd of October. Were you born during this time frame? If so, you are the type of Libran who is constantly on the hunt for knowledge and information. You are an eternal student who will never tire of learning news things. As well, you will never grow old as Mercury's co rulership of your life ensures a sprightly and youthful attitude.

Libra is a movable air sign, which means there’s creativity in you. You are quick to grasp ideas, and you have a need to produce works of art and unusual or original things. You bring a touch of art to anything you do. Remember to incorporate this part of you into all your life’s activities; you’ll be richly rewarded.
September 24 - October 3
If you’re born between the 24 September and 3 October you are a true diehard Libran with the quality of Venus fully dominating your life.  You are artistic, caring, full of love and social warmth with many friends, but perhaps too many even for you at times.
October 4 - 13
Librans born between the 4 and 13 October are a little “out there” by nature but harmless.  Your life is a bundle of fun and you like the surprises that are thrown at you from time to time.  Expect the unexpected could be your mantra.
Ocotber 14 - 23
The final portion of Libra is between the 14 and 23 October.  If this is your birth date you are the type of Libran who is constantly on the hunt for knowledge and information – an almost insatiable thirst.  You will never tire of learning new things and could be kindly termed the eternal student.  As well you will never grow old as Mercury’s co-rulership of your life ensures a youthful attitude and sprightly future.
Libra - Virgo Cusp                     
The junction point of two star signs is called the cusp.  This is a change over period when those born in this interval, in your case between the 21 and 29 of September, will partake of some of the characteristics of the previous star sign, namely Virgo.
The combined influence of the two ruling planets that is Venus the ruler of Libra and Mercury, the ruler of Virgo endow you with a very quick and analytical mind.  You have an extended awareness and can apply this to both practical matters as well as spiritual insights as well.
Because you are such a rational person you take on the critical aspects of Virgo and can sometimes be extremely difficult to deal with.  Your mind is in hyper mode much of the time and this can tire you out as well as get people off side.
Relationships are to be felt and ideas are there to be thought about.  Try switching these around although it’s not a bad idea to keep a balance of these other areas of your life and by doing so the Virgo - Libra combination will serve you well.
An important point I should make is that Virgo being the sign of health and Libra being the sign of sociability, one may affect the other.  Living life too hard, on the razors edge is not a good thing for you.  If you are as aware as what I’ve indicated, it will start to make sense when you’re not living in harmony with what nature has intended. 
You have a mixture of emotion and mentality and at times when you oscillate between the two.  You try to make decisions with your feelings and try to analyse emotional relationships with your mind.  Don’t you think this is back to front Libra? 
Your bodily signals will be quite clearly pronounced and you should listen to what these signals are telling you.  Try to keep balance on your mind, don’t let the critical side of Virgo overtake your sensibilities and be gentle on yourself because Virgo can be their own worst self critics.  Love yourself Libra!
Libra – Scorpio Cusp
The Libra – Scorpio cusp is an intense and passionate one.  If you are born between the 19 and the 24 you’ll have strong elements of Scorpio influencing your personality.
This is an exciting combination which endows you with both social graces and intense sexual magnetism.  Those born in this cusp are probably some of the most sexually switched on individuals in the Zodiac.
You could easily persuade others to do whatever you want them to do but particularly in the bedroom.  This combination makes you a conqueror of the opposite sex.  And fortunately you may have troubles with commitment being born in this cusp and for that reason you’ll need to delve into your past to see what elements of your upbringing have influenced you and may be working against your best interests.
Although you are overly critical, this usually comes from a deep level of devotion to friends and family and often people don’t see this.  Try to be softer in the way you handle the one’s you love.  Your desire to push people to bring out their best may backfire and cause you a lot of troubles.
You have a wonderful sense of intuition and your judgment is profoundly well developed.  You could use both of these attributes to come up with conclusions that others are dazzled by.  People do wonder how you come up with the ideas that you do and there is an element of mental brilliance associated with your birth during this time of the year.
There’s a great impulsiveness in your nature which means you need to be careful about being overly self - indulgent or developing compulsions that are hard to overcome.  Laziness too which is not normally evident in the Scorpio could sneak in to your personality so always fight the urge to lay back and become a couch potato.
Overall this cuspal influence is excellent as it brings eventually peace and harmony and this Scorpionic determination to achieve what it is you so desperately desire in life.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

 Magnetic, elusive, sexy and determined. That’s you Scorpio! You were born under the eighth sign of the zodiac which is referred to by astrologers as a fixed water (ice) sign. In a lot of ways ice sums up your emotional character. But why is this, when you have fiery and warlike Mars ruling you?

Your star sign is probably one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. It has had a pretty bad rap over the years, but that’s just because what people don’t understand, they tend to fear. That cool aloofness is just the surface of your complex nature, and is by no means bad. Below the surface of your cool exterior is a scorching and passionate fire. You know it and others sense it too.

You’re an emotional being, and you take it to the limits. In fact you need overkill to feel really alive. You also want approval, though you don’t often verbalize that. You give 100 percent of yourself to those you love, and expect the same, if not more, in return. There are definitely no half measures in your attitude to love.

You are demanding of yourself and others, but when you give your heart to someone you’re very loyal. You are committed to anything you do, including relationships — you absolutely adore the idea of love. It’s a challenge that excites you.

You turn heads whenever you walk into a room — you are the strong, silent type, and you have a magnetic aura. You have something that’s hard to put your finger on but makes it nearly impossible for people to ignore you. You know full well that you can manipulate people, and you love it! This magnetic power is really your greatest strength.

It’s well known astrologically that the eyes of a Scorpio can hypnotize. Whether you know it or not, this is your most powerful physical trait. Often people will often say that you have amazing eyes. So even though you don’t always articulate your feelings, your eyes do plenty of communicating for you — they can express the full range of your emotional states.

Determination is another of your key characteristics. People can see you as insensitive to others’ needs, even obsessive, because you push forward so single-mindedly. There are no half-measures in your life — in friendship, love, family life or work. You want to be the best, and you won’t let anything stand in the way. But on the plus side, you like to share your successes with the people you take under your wing, whether they’re family or friends.

You’re not afraid of obstacles or challenges, whether they are something unavoidable or foes or competitors. In fact, you thrive on them — you love trying to prove that no one can stop you.

If someone tries to corner you or put you in a difficult situation, they’d better be prepared to give it their best shot, because you won’t give in until you win, and your enemy is totally crushed in body, mind and spirit.

If that ruthless streak in your character can’t be satisfied straight away, you’ll wait, patiently, until the proper time to seek revenge. Time is of no consequence to you when it comes to wreaking vengeance.

Whether you’re fulfilling your sensual appetites or your more noble aspirations, pleasure will always be a focus for you. You want it all. You are not afraid of the dark side, even though you seek the light. This is why Scorpio has three totems — the scorpion, the lizard and the phoenix.

The scorpion is the most vengeful and dangerous part of your nature. If you’re operating on that level, you’ll be constantly seeking to hurt others with your power. This is, of course, something to avoid.

The lizard represents the class of scorpions who hide from life and never quite achieve the full measure of their power. They sometimes seek self-destructive outlets such as drugs or even criminal activities to satisfy their obsessive nature.

If you aspire to the best that Scorpio has to offer, you’ll be the phoenix, which rises out of the ashes. This transformative totem indicates that you have to burn your lower nature to allow the most splendid parts of your nature to live and grow. Fortunately, most Scorpios lean towards the phoenix.

In appearance you will be well proportioned, strong in body, muscular, and with a broad face and a commanding look. Your eyes, as already mentioned, are your strong point.

You are a tireless worker and generally achieve great success after the middle part of life.

The life of a Scorpio is challenging, but there’ll never be a dull moment'

October 24 - November 2
Born between the 24 October and 2 November you are an intensely sensual character but you do have noble aspirations.  Pleasure will be a focal point for you and in your earlier life you may spend a lot of time exploring the sexual part of your personality.
November 3 - 11
Being born between the 3 and 11 November makes you more idealistic and spiritual by nature.  You have a strong leaning towards understanding the meaning of life and delving deeply into the true nature of your being.
November 12 - 22
If you were born between the 12 and 22 November you are one of the more sensitive types of Scorpio as you have strong lunar vibrations.  Your challenge will be to bring your emotions under control and not be swayed by the events of life.  You have a very caring and family orientated nature as well.

Scorpio - Libra Cusp
If you were born in the period between October 24 and November the 1 you fall over the area of the zodiac that is jointly ruled by both Libra and Scorpio.
These star signs are ruled by Venus and Mars and Pluto, which gives you the traits of both signs of Libra and Scorpio.
The intensity of Scorpio is somewhat balanced by the sign of Libra and makes you even more attractive and pleasing to others, especially the opposite sex. You have great people skills and a need to help others through your intuitive understanding.
You love excitement and the pleasure seeking aspect of your nature combined with the social skills of Libra make you a social butterfly that can attract loads of friends, both in your social life and your professional arena as well.
The best and worst traits of both star signs will be exhibited by you and you have a great deal of determination, powerful self - control and excellent psychic and intuitive abilities as well.  However, the social and superficial attributes of Libra are counteracted by the serious and philosophical characteristics of Scorpio.
You have extraordinary intelligence and insight into human nature but your sharp tongue and straight forward opinions make you sometimes feared by others as you don’t mince words when you offer your critique on other personal or social and political issues.
Some people feel that you have an extraordinarily big ego, and you probably agree, but this doesn’t worry you in the least. You have a charismatic personality and you expect to make some enemies on the way and aren’t bothered as the huge number of friends you have as allies outdo the number of antagonists in the background.
You’re an expert in communication and have wonderful reasoning power. You’re a strong lover of family and support the people you love, even sacrificing anything and everything to maintain their security.
Scorpio - Sagittarius Cusp
If you happen to be born between the 15 and the 22 of November, you will partake of both traits of Scorpio and those of Sagittarius. Some astrologists may disagree with these dates but in actual fact you’ll find that there are in practice, characteristic traits of both signs to a greater or lesser degree that you will possess.
Your intense Scorpio traits are finely balanced by the easygoing, magnanimous spirit of Sagittarius. Those of you born under this period of the zodiac are ruled by Mars, Pluto and Jupiter which is the ruler of Sagittarius. You have an optimistic nature but can also be rather aggressive in achieving your goals. You are constantly on the go, working with zeal to achieve your dreams.
Your magnetic personality is accentuated even further by popular and outgoing Jupiter. You have a brilliant sense of timing and can meet the right people at the right time who will help you get to where you’re going.
You are an emotionally deep person and, coupled with the Sagittarian honesty and generosity you are the type of person that people trust easily and will open their hearts to. Even return will always be there to help others and are even considered somewhat of a teacher of sorts. You are constantly driving and advising others, friend or stranger alike, in the way they should best proceed in the midst of their life problems.
You are an extraordinarily independent person and hate to be contained by anyone. You are quite wild and fun loving but this should taper off as you get a little older.
You are excessive in your life and must be careful not to overdo things. You work, live and play hard. You need to pay more attention to your physical needs as at times you overdo it and your health is prone to suffer. 

(November 23 - December 22) 

Sagittarius is undoubtedly one of the most positive of the star signs. You were born under the ninth sign, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter’s traditional name was Jove, hence your jovial attitude.

You’re extremely confident in whatever you do. Being one of the luckiest signs, fortune seems to favor you, whether you plan things or not. That’s also the reason you don’t mind taking the odd risk or two. You feel as if you can’t possibly lose. This almost cocky attitude is something that attracts people to you.

You’re also very enthusiastic, and this is contagious — people can’t help but feel the same way in your presence.

Because people like you so much, they want to help you achieve your goals. But sometimes your life objectives are colossal — those arrows seem to shoot much further than the eye can see. Your philosophy is to bite off more than you can chew and then chew as fast as you can.

People around you will sometimes feel that you’re overly ambitious, and that your aims are pie in the sky. This is not likely to change you: you’d always rather aim high and take on the adventure of life than get to the end of the road regretting that you didn’t have a good go at making your dreams come true.

One of your primary lessons in life will be related to this. You will need to learn that there are limits to what you’re capable of, and how to recognize them. Making sure your goals are actually practical enough to be achieved is another side of this one.

You have a great sense of timing, and know just when to make your move. This is because Sagittarius also governs knowledge, wisdom and spirituality. You know you can trust your gut feeling, so call on it when you need it.

Personal growth and understanding is a key aspect of your personality. You hate the idea of waltzing blindly through life without understanding — or finding — its meaning. This seems like a bit of a contradiction, because you’re quite a party animal too, but you do have this deeper side to your character.

So you’re constantly looking for meaning in your life, trying to figure out what makes the world tick, and planning and dreaming about how you can extract the maximum benefit from your time here. This is vitally important to you, so you’ll go to great lengths to find what you’re searching for.

Your totem, the Centaur, which is half man and half beast, describes you and the way you live your life perfectly. The Centaur has a bow and arrow and is aiming at the sky. This is you to a T. High ambitions.

Because you are so positive, you see the possibilities as endless. You never take no for an answer, and you always see the cup as half full, not half empty. Adventure is your second name, and you will have a strong desire to travel and seek out new experiences. Visiting different countries and exploring diverse cultures will add to your all-round happiness. This curiosity also comes with a dose of restlessness, though.

You have a genuine interest in getting to the truth and be part of whatever environment you’re in, but you are easily bored if the mental stimulation is missing. This is especially true when we put ‘Sagittarius’ in the same sentence as ‘relationship’.

Lots of people don’t get where you’re coming from. You’re serious about relationships, but you need a ton of stimulation and variety to keep love alive. You love to flirt and show off, but you need to be careful with this — if you’re in a relationship it will cause problems.

You love freedom, and this applies to relationships, your family situation and your work: you hate anyone tying you down. It’s as if you’re Peter Pan and want to stay forever young and free. You’ll need to balance this passion for independence with some responsibility and commitment sooner or later.

You’re a gambler in life, with money as well as with relationships, but you always seem to land on your feet. Even when you lose, which you do from time to time, your light-hearted and optimistic nature means you believe you’ll get it together again soon, without any trouble. And strangely, that’s usually true.

Your independent and free nature, though it’s one of your biggest assets, could cause you some difficulties. You are likely to expect everyone you come into contact to give you the freedom you want. People around you have to learn that this is an absolutely basic requirement for you.

At work, if you’re not allowed to make choices about how you do your work, you won’t work at your best. You rely very much on yourself, and if your employers give you a free hand, you’ll do great work — people will see this side of your personality at its best.

We said earlier that Jupiter is psychic, and that you have keen foresight. That sixth sense is behind many of the decisions you make, and the more you trust that higher power, the more rewarding your life will be. Your decisions will usually be correct.

Overall, you see life as a challenge, but also as a grand adventure in which you must play your part fearlessly. Nothing much will hold you back, and even when the odd adversity arises you’ll see it as part of your learning curve and accept it with a smile.

November 23 - December 2
Born between the 23 November and 2 December you are a true Sagittarian and will exhibit the traits mentioned here in full.  Always optimistic and ready for an adventure, life will be full of pleasure and unexpected good fortune.
December 3 - December 12
If your birth date falls between 3 December and 12 December fiery Mars and Aries as well as Sagittarius rule you.  You are a spicier and more hot-tempered class of Sagittarian and are always on the go but can also get yourself into hot water with your impulsive nature.  Physical by nature, sports will be an important component of keeping yourself stable and peaceful.
December 13 - 22
The third group of Sagittarians born between the 13 and 22 December are co-ruled by the Sun and Leo.  The majestic royal solar energies endow you with an incredibly strong sense of self and also the likelihood of tremendous success personally and financially.  You will also develop a more spiritual attitude.

Sagittarius - Scorpio Cusp
Being born on the borderline of the star sign before you, or after you, means that you have some of the qualities from that sign.  This can be a subtle effect on your personality and character and you may have heard people mention that they are not “typical” of their sign and it is likely he or she will be a cusp baby.
If you are born on the borderline of Sagittarius and Scorpio, i.e. between the 22 and 27 November, this has the impact on your personality of making you rather intense.  The influence of Scorpio on theSagittarian cusp baby is that some of your rather laidback attitude is diminished and makes you a bit more forceful than your typical Sagittarian brothers and sisters.
Jupiter, your Sagittarian ruler, combined with Mars and Pluto makes you a person who thinks not just big, but HUGE.  There is no challenge too big for you to handle and in fact you thrive on tension - filled moments where you can shine by proving that you can cope with the pressures and show how capable you really are.
You are a ‘big picture’ person Sagittarius and have an almost unshakeable belief in yourself and your capabilities.  You are able to create the life you feel you deserve and have tenacity and willpower that will put others in the shade, even other Sagittarians.
As both Scorpio and Sagittarius have intuitive powers, this gives you an edge in understanding human nature and the ability to manipulate the circumstances to your own benefit.  As well as this you have an incredible sense of timing that enables you to capitalise on opportunities as and when they present themselves.  You waste no time in achieving whatever success is put in front of you.
The combination of Sagittarius and Scorpio in your nature can cause inner conflicts for you from time to time.  This shows up when people cross swords with you as you have a difficult time working out whether you should really wreak vengeance on them, which would be the way Scorpio would handle it, or go down the Sagittarian path of justice, mercy and a peaceful resolution. 
You need to understand that in life being quietly assertive is often the best bet.  There is no necessity to take things to extreme, whether you are thinking with the Sagittarian or Scorpio intellect.
Teaching comes easy to you and this is in part from the Jovian sign under which you are born.  You can lead others to a sense of self - understanding with your wealth of experience and often, much of your knowledge is gained from your personal experiences rather from the words of others in book form.  You have a wealth of personal and often humorous anecdotes that also serves as knowledge to others.
Sagittarius - Capricorn Cusp
If you are born between 14th and 21st December you will have the Sagittarian/Capricorn influence.  Unlike the previous Sagittarius/Scorpio blend of energies which makes for a rather intense and aggressive individual, you will be much more reticent and more conservative.
Individuals born on this cusp are likely to be a rather toned down version of the usually exuberant and enthusiastic ‘take the world by the tail’ type of Sagittarian.  You will more than likely be cautious and prudent but at the same time you will love life but not make decisions quite as impulsively as the ‘typical’ Sagittarian.
You have a strong sense of security and like to hold your dollars more tightly, which is not a well - developed trait in most Sagittarians.  They are more ‘easy come, easy go’ and think that tomorrow will take care of itself – somehow.
The ruling planets of Jupiter and Saturn, which rule Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively, are diametrically opposed forces in nature.  This has the influence of making your personality move up and down from extreme highs to very flat lows.  Your lesson in life will be to find the happy medium, and if this can be achieved you will experience life in a whole new way.
Although Sagittarians are trusting of others, with the impact of Capricorn on your temperament, you may hold back a little more until you get to know them better.  Until you are comfortable with them you won’t reveal too much about yourself and will keep them at arm’s length.

Capricorn may make you overly concerned with money, thereby keeping the carefree side of Sagittarius at bay.  This could cause conflicts by feeling guilty about not working hard enough or not having enough money as opposed to wanting to be free with your cash.


(December 23 - January 20) 

Few people are as practical and ambitious as Capricorn. Yours is the tenth sign, an earthy element, which makes you down to earth and matter-of-fact. Caution is your second name and this is due to Saturn, your ruling planet. You are sometimes shy and lack self confidence and self-esteem.

I've never met a Capricorn who was afraid of hard work in order which to achieve what they want in life. You are ambitious and go for your dreams and usually end up successful. You like money but not if it involves risk. You prefer to know exactly where your dollars and cents are going. You prefer traditional types of savings.

Others do not generally see you as too enthusiastic but when people get to know you, you do have a side to your nature which is humorous and affectionate. You like to work quietly and effectively without creating too much bother or attention to yourself.

You are emotionally cool so you don't warm to people that easily until you get to know them. Once you get closer you start to feel comfortable with them. Suspicion is one of the chief traits of Capricorn and when you meet people for the first time it is your way of displaying maturity by not jumping the gun. You like to understand what another person is really about.

You are a big thinker even though you work methodically and practically by taking your time to achieve what you set out to do. You never like airy, fairy concepts and only work on ideas which will vouch safe your financial and material security in the future. You are not a clock watcher when you work because you believe in doing a job right the first time round. You also hate wasting time. You are frugal, resourceful and hard working. Commitment is natural to you which is why, as I said earlier, you are likely to be successful in anything you attempt.

Not all Capricorns are supported in their lives so you learnt from an early age how to be self sufficient and to make it alone. You know exactly how to achieve your ambitions by yourself. Your primary philosophy is that self sufficiency is strength so you do not like to ask others to carry you. This also has a basis in the fact that you like to take full credit for what you achieve.

"Expect the worst but hope for the best" is a saying that I have often heard many Capricorns repeat. Basically you are very level-headed and don't expect things to happen overnight. People admire the way you work because you are motivated by your ambitions but also like to perfect your work and do it properly. You can always be relied upon to help others and not cut corners.

A traditional life style appeals to you because you like things in their place and need to be in control. Because of this you are not always the most exciting person to be around but you are extremely loyal and will never let anyone down when you give them your word. It does not seem to bother you that others see you as less adventurous. The name of the game to you is living life on your own terms rather than compromising.

Sometimes others make the mistake of thinking you are elitist. They get the sense you are looking down on them but this is not so because you are actually a very generous person with both your money and your time and if the cause is a worthy one there are fewer who are as generous as you.

Due to your cautious and meticulous mind you are a wonderful judge of character and can easily see through the BS. You are aware of the consequences of partnership both commercially and personally and are absolutely committed to your word.

If others get to know you they will understand that you are a very trustworthy, dependent, punctual individual that you can always be counted on to fulfil their needs and help them if the occasion arises.

In money matters you are extremely hard to deal with and are sometimes seen as being overly materialistic. Although you do drive a hard bargain your integrity always steers your course in life.

You have an incredible capacity to withstand the blows of life and even if times get tough your resilience and dedication is second to none. You gain greater strength than others from whatever misfortune occurs. You are like the steel under the blacksmith's hammer, getting stronger with every blow!

Your token is the Goat which shows just how capable you are of reaching the heights of any mountain. Your success is likely to occur later in life but when it does, you share what you have with others. You like measuring your success through what you have.

You expect people to be just as trustworthy as yourself. If you accept a responsibility you do so with full commitment. You always demand the same level of integrity from anyone you deal with both in the work place and at home.

You are sure to scale the heights of success and due to your keen focus, discipline and concentration your ruling planet Saturn insures a great deal of success, power and happiness. Capricorn stands for courage and achievement after a long and tedious effort.

December 23 - January 1
If you’re a Capricorn who was born between December 23 and January 1    you have an extra dose of Saturn  energy as part of your makeup.  You are exceedingly ambitious in the way you express yourself and are most likely to find success and happiness through work.  Marriage and family life is also important to you but my take second place to your work.
January 2 - 11
If you were born between 2 and 11 January you are sometimes inflexible and this can be particularly problematic for your relationships.  You are also somewhat possessive and jealous. You are extremely practical and your common sense will be one of your most invaluable assets.
January 12 - 20
As a Capricorn born between the 12 and 20 January your mind is brilliant and full of amazing details and plans. You see the minutiae of each and every situation. You are a little critical of yourself and others and should spend a little more time focusing on your good points rather than the bad.

Capricorn - Sagittarius Cusp
Being born on the cusp or the borderline of the previous sign to you is actually a karmic blessing Capricorn.  These are the dates of the first few days of Capricorn, that is between the 21 and 28 of December. 
If you are indeed born between these dates you borrow considerably from the star sign before you.  And this means that the influence of Sagittarius and Jupiter soften your temperament, make you much more outgoing and jovial than the typical Capricorn.    You will find in particular that your attitudes to money, materials and career are a little less important in you than the typical Capricorn.
Jupiter and Saturn are biometrically opposed planets that rule the cuspal period under which you were born.  This means you oscillate at times between extreme optimism and dull despondency at times.  Finding the balance between these two extremes will be a challenge for you cuspal Capricorn.
You have a sober mentality but you have a way of generously giving of your time and energy so that people are drawn to you.  Moreover you measure your words before speaking and unlike the Sagittarian you are not likely to exaggerate or embellish your stories to the point where people don’t believe or trust you. 
Another important feature of your personality being born in this period is your diminished concern for money, status and the ambitious drive to achieve bigger and better things for the sake of simply using these things as a status symbol.  You certainly are a hard worker but you also value the spiritual aspect of life and this is borne out by the strong influence that Jupiter has on your life and your personality. 
Capricorn - Aquarius Cusp
If your birth date falls between the 11 and 19 of January you are born in a very unusual junction and a very unusual junction point between the sign of Capricorn and that of Aquarius. 

I say this is unusual because your conservative nature will be continually challenged by the influence of Aquarius and its governing planet Uranus.  Aquarius is all about breaking free of the bonds of convention, pushing forward with new and revolutionary ideas and generally upsetting the natural order of things.  This will be difficult for you to reconcile as Capricorn needs structure and traditional modalities in which to function peacefully. 


(January 21 - February 19)

You were fortunate enough to be born under the humanitarian zodiac sign of Aquarius. You are therefore ruled by electric and progressive Uranus making you forward thinking and self-directed. You’re a born revolutionary so no one can tell you how to live your life. Your clear-cut approach makes it perfectly clear just how differently you wish to experience life.

You just don’t want to be like others and take pride in the fact that you’re so unique. Even if you’re occasionally criticized for your cheeky attitude, you’d far prefer to be self-sufficient rather than being a sheep in society who follows everyone else’s lead.

You are a zesty individual, having tremendous amounts of energy. You are determined and forceful in how you deal with people. You want to express your ground-breaking spirit in everything you do but unfortunately you won’t always able to break free of the limits that are imposed upon you. SomeAquarians learn through their family life that before you can be the master of your own destiny, you have to serve. In some extreme cases Aquarians are controlled and dominated by others throughout the formative period of their lives which is why it’s so difficult for them to submit to others.

If you’re not able to live your life on your own terms, you’ll dream and aspire to a future time when you can fulfill your destiny to the fullest in exactly the way you want. You have very inspirational views of the world and even if your opinions are too different, you’ll always be respected for speaking your mind honestly.

You share your zodiac sign with many other grand personalities. Like them you are attracted to social issues. You like to be involved in groups and organizations that make a difference in society. Even in the smallest of ways, you will try to make some difference in this world. If you look at Aquarians like Oprah Winfrey, Boris Yeltsin and entertainers like Peter Gabriel and John Travolta, they are deeply interested in changing the awareness of people to make the world a better place.

Because you have great organizational and communication skills you work really well with others. You have your own ideas and solutions to problems. Others are surprised at your quirky approach and how you resolve these issues.

You’re investigative, curious and extremely active mentally. Your thinking mind rarely, if ever, stops. You need to learn when to shut down as your brain can become overactive, especially at night.

Communication is your specialty and you relate well to the world. You will continue to enlarge your active personality so don’t try to suppress your true character – just express it prudently. You’re vigorous in the way you present your ideas so there’s never a dull moment around you. There’s often someone who wants to challenge you, especially if they happen to have a much more conventional way of doing things. You’ll be more than happy to challenge that taking great pleasure in proving them wrong.

Uranus, your planetary ruler, is abrupt and breathtaking by nature and will fill your life with plenty of unanticipated surprises - good and not so good. You like it like this and the unexpected is something you thrive upon! Even if you have a stable home or work situation you like to shake things up from time to time to keep everyone on their toes. Still, you’re very loyal when it comes to your most personal relationships.

You like to create a comfortable environment in which to live. Venus influences your domestic sphere so you have a flair for design and color. Your surroundings mirror your unique character. Others are amazed at the way you decorate your home. There’ll be nothing ordinary about it, that’s for sure.

Your far-reaching attitudes overwhelm your friends sometimes and they sometimes refer to you as harmlessly “mad”. Salvador Dali the famous painter once remarked about himself - "The only difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad!" Even if he wasn't an Aquarius - this sums you up perfectly.

You embrace anything technological as Aquarius governs modern appliances. You are inventive and research orientated and certainly aren't a technophobic. If you’re an Aquarian male, some may even call you the “gadget man”. You like to be up to date with the latest and greatest handheld devices, computers and other audio or visual entertainment equipment.

You find it difficult to uphold relationships with those who aren’t prepared to evolve in the same way as yourself. Due to this you’ll be continually re-inventing yourself, trying to stimulate your friends to be better. Your rigid opinions bring you into disagreement with others. One of the laws of power suggests that you must act like others, but don’t always openly air your thoughts. It’s a good idea for you to keep some of their sweeping ideals tucked away until you test the water first.

There’s a universal quality about you. Although you appear aloof and detached you're inwardly sensitive and caring. You prefer to associate with people who share the same diverse views on life. Your life will almost certainly never be drab. You are able to embrace anything new including music and fashion. This is why you’ll always be young at heart.

January 21- 31
As an Aquarian born between the 21st and 31st January your attitude is very much inventive and research orientated.  You love to have the most up to date gadgetry in your hands and like nothing better than to have the latest release of a computer, mobile phone or anything else that has just come on the market.  Communication with the rest of the world and entertainment is what grabs your interest.
February 1 - 9
Being born between the 1st and 9th February may mean that your friends have a hard time keeping up with you as you evolve so rapidly that it makes their head spin.  Then there will be others who will try to hold you back from your headlong rush to conquer the world.  There's an old saying that you might want to keep in mind which says "think as you like, but act like others" and this may be necessary if your ways are just a little too hard for people to keep up with.
February 10 - 18
If you are born between the 10th and 18th February you may come across as being detached and even insensitive but you actually deeply care for your fellow man.  A very diverse group of friends and associates will be attracted to you and will live life with the view to exploring every aspect of relationships with the ultimate goal of a more enlightened view of the world and yourself.

Aquarius - Capricorn cusp
‘Diametrically opposed’ is the best way to describe the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.  If you're born in the cuspal interval which is the overlap of the two signs that is from the 19th till the 26th of January you partake of some of the elements of the preceding sign of Capricorn.
Having an Aquarius and Capricorn blend of energies as your star sign can present you with some difficult problems.  You will desperately want to progress, move forward and be so different but will find the Aquarius element dragging you back into a mode of conservatism therefore you probably experience a lot of inattention.
You want to be progressive in every aspect of your life and love change but find the Capricorn side of your nature  dragging you back into a mode of conservatism. On the one hand you want to forge forward with new ideas, but also hold fast to traditional ideals as well.
You'll be constantly mindful of the financial burden that this could place on you if you don't have the financial resources to do this.  Finding a delicate balance will be part of your life's challenge.
Your mind and the way you relate to people will also be in a constant tug - of - war.  At times you will want to give the other person the shirt off your back, generously helping them whenever and in any way you can as it is obviously a typically Aquarian trait.  But the Capricorn in you will persistently be mindful of the consequences and brings with it a greater degree of reluctance to impulsively give away everything.
What I would say to you Aquarius is that you shouldn't fight with this set of diametrically opposed personality traits.  In fact I think by accepting both star signs' qualities you will be in a position to be successful, secure, which is the Aquarius ideal yet at the same time capable of progressing and achieving your humanitarian ideals at the same time.  This is great as you have the best of both worlds.
Aquarius - Pisces Cusp
Pisces is the sign which follows Aquarius and if you happen to be born in that period of time between the 19th and 26th of February you exhibit the traits of both Aquarius and the sign of the fish, Pisces.
Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and is often represented karmically as the last stage of human evolution.  Pisceans exhibit a strong emotional and spiritual quality to their personalities and therefore you possess the intellectual and discriminative brilliance of your Aquarian sun sign with the added flavour of this intuitive and psychic connection that is brought to you by the cusp of Pisces.
One quality both star signs share is the desire to help others.  Aquarius is somewhat rational in its planning and approach to the type of help that it can render whilst Pisces is more selfless and giving in the truest spiritual tradition of sacrifice as in the Christian schools of thought which of course are symbolised by the fish.
Please take care not to delude yourself into giving for the sake of giving.  You must always exercise your Aquarian discrimination to qualify who is worthy of your help and who is simply a hanger - on.  Giving to those that are worthy is the name of the game and I'm pleased to say that having the balance of Aquarius will help you make the right choices in providing assistance and new systems of thought to individuals and society at large.  This is an excellent cusp to be born in.
The secret of understanding yourself if you are born in this period is to overcome your fear of the unknown.  Aquarius will tear apart the attitudes and fixed opinions that you may have about the way things are and the way things should be. 
The fear of letting go will be challenged by the planet Uranus and if you are able to overcome this inner tension and apprehension about what is likely to happen if you experience and live your life based upon your heart rather than your head, you will grow and develop in leaps and bounds.  But again, I stress that this can only take place if you are prepared to break free of your own concepts and those conventional standards by which you have continued to live for so long. 

Having the influence of Aquarius makes you original in thought, lateral in your decision making and a quirky individual to say the least.  People enjoy your company because you are able to present that traditional side of life but often throw a spanner in the works when you exhibit this other rather unusual facet of your personality.  You will always keep people guessing. 


Pisces (February 20 - March 19)

In the scheme of astrology each of the zodiac signs supposedly indicates the level of evolution beginning with Aries and finishing with your sign, Pisces. There’s no doubt that the water signs, Pisces being the final and most mature of them, indicates your spiritually developed character.

The ruling symbol of your star sign is the fish and just as the fish lives in the ocean, so to is Pisces suffused with feeling and empathy, the emotions that are characterized by water. You truly are a compassionate and unconditionally loving person.

You have a universal approach to the way you live and this is seen in most of your actions. Whenever you see someone suffering, or in some type of trouble, it touches your heart and you can’t help but offer your assistance. Your heart goes out to them. Even if you’re in a hurry, busy doing something else, you’ll take time out of your busy day to lend a helping hand where you can. It is second nature for you to care.

Your friends know you to be a person upon whose shoulders they can rest their weary and heavy heads inn times of stress. They look to you when they feel they need to offload their problems. You’re always there to help reassure and calm them.

One of the difficulties with your sensitive nature is that you avoid making hard decisions at times, especially if you feel this is going to undermine someone else. With close friends and family members you’ll do anything to help them but don’t forget you must also help yourself. Some Pisces are so habituated to this attitude that they themselves end up becoming the sacrificial lamb in their relationships. You should try to recognize when you’re being used as no one gains from this. Balancing your needs and those of others is a particularly important lesson for you.

Because you’re an intuitive person you don’t always like to think your problems through. Using your emotions and your deeper intuitive powers is the way you prefer to resolve your life problems, even if others don’t quite see the sense in it. Pisces, you are somewhat of a daydreamer aren’t you? Nevertheless your instincts are powerful and more often than not correct. Your ability to foresee things before it actually happens is quite uncanny. I’ve known many Pisceans who become psychics and clairvoyant as they have the ability to act as mediums. Remember though that intuition can only go so far. Learn to develop your thinking processes as well as your intuitive feelings.

You have an instinctive understanding that there’s a unifying thread throughout all of life. You see this sometimes more clearly than you see the real world. As a result, you can tap into the universal consciousness and produce wonderful works of art and music. You should allow yourself the opportunity to express your vision of life. Culture is important to you ands you love to surround your self with artwork, music poetry and fine furnishings.

You’re a very emotional person so you need the support of people to allow you to express this. Sometimes because you’re so hypersensitive it works against you and you end up absorbing the negativity of people around you. You must not let others drag you down into their world of bad feelings.

You’re idealistic about the way you see the world and unfortunately what you see is not in keeping with your aspiration. You have to learn to accept the world with all its faults.

Sometimes you’re out of step with the world around you so be careful not to end up living in a world of your own making. You need loving friends to help your feet carefully planted on the ground so your creative dream weaving doesn’t make you impractical. You’re gentle, impressionable and receptive. You want to share your emotions and are also happy to receive the demonstrative love of others.

You try to hide just how sensitive you are and if someone insults you tend to suppress these feelings and can become depressed. You mustn’t be afraid to speak up even if you do upset or anger someone by doing so.

You enjoy your own company and are quite satisfied to potter around in a quiet way and enjoy what nature and life have to offer. You’re equally comfortable in a social environment. Sometimes you do feel isolated and a little disconnected from life. This makes you feel dispassionate even if you do seem to be enjoying what is going on.

Because you are an observer of human nature you are philosophical and realize that nothing lasts forever. If, for example, in relationships you have to let go of someone, then so be it. You understand that all good things must pass.

Your destiny is primarily connected to wisdom, self-knowledge and compassionate service to the world. You must be free to live your life on these terms and if you’re able to do so you’ll become much more secure within yourself and at the same time can bring great satisfaction to those who are lucky enough to come into contact with you.

February 20 -29
Those of you born between the 20th and 28/29th February are very powerfully ruled by Neptune, the God of the Oceans.  This means you are extremely tuned in to the psychic and the clairvoyant realms and will have a natural desire to seek out spiritual information.  You are a born social worker and even if you don't work in this arena you will always be available to help others solve their problems.
March 1 - 10
If you happen to be born between the 1st and 10th March you love people but are particularly attached to your kith and kin and excel in sharing your love in close personal relationships.  You are loyal and make everyone feel comfortable in your company.
March 11 - 20
As a Pisces born between the 11th and 20th March you have a streak of Scorpio in your nature which makes you passionate, demanding and very intense. An input of 100% is rarely good enough for you so you need to be careful of not being too possessive or jealous in your relationships.

Pisces - Aquarius cusp
If you were born between the 19th and 25th of February you were born under the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces.  This means that you partake of some of the elements and personality traits of the previous star sign.  Aquarius is a forward thinking and unconventional sign and therefore you're intuitive and mystical qualities are blended with this rather avant - garde element of the Aquarian temperament.
You have the ability to take traditional ideas and mould them into concepts that can be useful in helping others or an individual or even a group or communal basis.  Working in humanitarian and spiritual organisations or hospitals will give you the opportunity to express much of this Aquarius - Pisces combination.
Because you are born with a mixture of air and water you sometimes find it difficult to balance the intellectual and emotional sides of your nature.  Making decisions can be hard for you because you are so prone to wanting to make these decisions based upon your intuitive gut feeling.  You know full well that you need to rationalise some things and to use your head but this you find hard at times.  You may also find yourself thinking about how you feel or feeling about how you're thinking and this can become too much for you sometimes.
The typical Pisces is usually somewhat of a daydreamer so it's good that the intellectual and communicative aspects of the air sign of Aquarius are enmeshed in your Piscean blood.  This gives you a more down to earth and expressive quality to the way you interact with others.
Being born under this blend of astrological signs is a blessing and gives you a special sort of destiny.  You are a true helper, an intuitive healer and are able to soothe the wounds of your friends and people generally.  Your destiny will make you sought after as a truly unconditional lover and friend.
Pisces - Aries cusp
If you are born between the 16th and 20th of March you draw in some of the fiery energies of the next zodiac sign to yours, Aries.  This makes you a bolder sort of Piscean character with a mixture of the elements of water and fire.  While as the typical Piscean can sometimes be indrawn and indecisive about which direction to take, the fire of Aries will make you more decisive and even sometimes aggressive in your approach.
Because you are primarily concerned with helping others and giving assistance to those who are less fortunate than yourself the strong ego quality of Aries will make it hard for you to balance self with others.  There are times when you are swinging between sheer egotism and pure selflessness.  To balance these two extremes in your nature may for many of you be a lifelong challenge.
You have a creative and enterprising nature and want to achieve something in the world but can also bring to that activity some wonderful spiritual and emotional qualities. 
You must temper your ambitions however as your emotionalism may cause you to work too hard and at some point suffer the consequences of this through physical sickness.  Once again if you are able to balance these driving needs and this emotional intensity you have a great chance of becoming successful and fulfilling yourself both in the world and within your own being.

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